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Custom Realities provides the expertise to design a development that meets the needs of the target market, and regulatory issues. Our team of Architects and Planners have extensive experience with conventional and traditional methods of designing in relation of the built environment. We blend the client’s program and market demand with the environmental and statutory requirements. We design and manage the building process economically. We have extensive experience with the design of active facilities.


We have gained extensive experience while involved in building projects. Considering the relevant professional resources, facilities and wealth of experience available, we are in the best position to undertake construction services efficiently, mobilize in the shortest of time and perform to the highest standards.


Custom Realities has in its employment a host of seasoned professionals and technicians with several years of experience in project monitoring and execution. In the inspection/monitoring of projects we are meticulous with all aspects of the construction and are particularly attentive to job specifications, control of project cost, and manpower planning for project success.